Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer works regular business hours. For urgent responses, please call 911.

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Orange kitten being held by animal control officer
  1. Animal Violations
  2. Pet Licensing
  3. Missing/Found Pets

Dogs Running at Large 

To protect the public and pets, the fine for allowing a dog to Run at Large is $200 per pet for a first offense. Fines increase with each offense and upon a 4th violation, a Criminal Citation may be issued to the owner. City Code Title 6

For the safety of the dog and the public, please call 911 to report dogs at large. 

Barking Dogs  

To report a dog disruptively barking, please call 911 while the barking is in progress. Generally, the barking must be witnessed by Police Staff to take action. If the nuisance is observed by an officer, a $50 infraction can be issued. City Code Title 6

Dog Bites or Other Dangerous Behavior  

Please call 911 to report a dog bite or aggressive behavior. If you are not familiar with the dog or where it lives, please include a description and location of the dog, including the direction of travel.

Pet Licensing

All cats and dogs are required to be licensed in the city. Failure to do so can result in a $50 infraction. City Code Title 6

Mountlake Terrace Police badge