Creeks and Lakes in Mountlake Terrace

MLT Watershed Map with Lake Ballinger

There are five significant water bodies in Mountlake Terrace.  Lake Ballinger is a popular place among Mountlake Terrace residents for fishing, kayaking and canoeing, swimming, and walking.  

Hall Creek originates at Hall Lake in Lynwood, north of Moutnlake Terrace. Hall Creek receives the western part of Mountlake Terrace’s stormwater and carries it to Lake Ballinger.  

Water leaving Lake Ballinger is carried by McAleer Creek through King County to Lake Washington. McAleer Creek also receives water from Mountlake Terrace town center.  

Lyon Creek in the eastern part of Mountlake Terrace is the largest watershed in Mountlake Terrace.  The northwest branch of Lyon Creek runs through the popular Terrace Creek Park where residents can play disc golf, picnic, walk, and play on playgrounds. Lyon Creek, like McAleer Creek, flows through Lake Forest Park in King County to Lake Washington. 

Scriber Creek accepts stormwater from the northeast portion of Mountlake Terrace.  Scriber Creek joins Swamp Creek in Snohomish County and eventually joins the Sammamish River in King County which terminates at Lake Washington.